1964 Blue Chevy Chevelle sweatshirt

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Backgrounds? Who needs backgrounds? Why clutter up the true beauty of your 1964 Blue Chevrolet Chevelle with anything else. The fine Chevy lines and the shine of the Blue paint is all the art you need. This sweatshirt was made just for showcasing your 64 Blue Chevelle.

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Who doesn’t have a favorite “go to” sweatshirt? You? Well then do we have a treat for you in this super comfortable 1964 Blue Chevy Chevelle sweatshirt. It’s a 50/50 Cotton / Poly mix that just feels like your being hugged. Best yet the front of it has a custom print of your 64 Blue Chevelle and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

What about sizes? We want to make sure to offer your Blue 1964 Chevy Chevelle sweatshirt in just about any size you could want. From small all the way to our big and tall sizes which includes 2XL 1964 Chevelle sweatshirts, 3Xl 1964 Chevelle sweatshirts, 4XL 1964 Chevelle sweatshirts and 5XL 1964 Chevelle sweatshirts.

Printing notes: We print these sweatshirts on demand so as soon as you add your 1964 Blue Chevy Chevelle sweatshirts to the checkout and pay for it we will get started. We will usually get it shipped out to you within a few business days. Imagine our crew lined up at the starting line just waiting for you to fire the starting gun. Ready Set Go!

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